Integrative Cancer Care

Naturopathic Cancer Care

If you have a family history or diagnosis of cancer, we can help. We are constantly working to improve on our therapies by combining time-tested wisdom and modern medicine.
For those who have a diagnoses, our goal is to help you better manage your symptoms and to improve your day to day functioning. The therapies we employ are designed to complement conventional care and to reduce the side effects associated with these treatment methods. Our therapies can be used safely as an adjunct with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. All of our treatments are tailored for each patient’s concern and health goals.

Dhaya Integrative Health specializes in supporting patients through their cancer care. We use treatment techniques founded in evidence-based medicine. We will work with you and your circle of care to manage your health concerns. These may include:

  • Easing side effects of conventional treatments
  • Preventing any drug-herb interactions and nutrient depletions
  • Increasing sensitivity of cancer cells to therapies
  • Boosting immune function
  • Pain Management
  • Detoxifying and rejuvenating one’s vitality post-conventional care

We offer a holistic and individualized approach to cancer treatment and patient care as we recognize that not everyone heals the same way or responds to the same kind of treatment.

Integrative Botanical Cancer Care

Using plants in cancer care dates back to Ancient times. Interestingly, over the past 70 years, plants have been a source of many drugs, especially in cancer therapy, with 74.8% of all chemotherapy being derived from natural products. There is an abundance of research supporting potential anticancer and chemopreventative properties of various herbs, fruits, spices, and vegetables.

It is undeniable that plants can play a vital role in active care and prevention in an integrative cancer setting.

At Dhaya, Botanicals play a key role in our Integrative Oncology approach. Our botanicals are meticulously selected from the most pristine locations globally to ensure the highest quality and potency. These botanicals are used in Naturopathic Oncology to help prevent cancer and metastasis in high-risk patients, manage side effects of conventional cancer care, as adjuvants to help improve efficacy and safety of chemotherapeutic agents, and as immune-modulators to prevent cancer relapse after treatment. The overall goal is to improve survival and quality of life in survivorship.

Over the span of 6 years Dr. Bali has dedicated countless hours trekking through dense forests in the dangerous alpines of the Himalayas and researching revered plants that are time-honoured sources of health, spirituality and general wellness. Dr. Bali has worked tirelessly to ethically access the rare gems to be used in his clinical practice. Being mindful not to exploit the natural wonders of the Himalayas, we are only able to utilize these precious plants on a select group of patients as we require adherence and dedication to our world class botanical programs.

Dr. Bali works closely with our nutritionist Cathy Biase whose expertise in the area of oncology nutrition helps to potentiate the effects of botanicals used by Dr. Bali.

What are Cancer Coaches?

Cancer Coaches are Health Care Professionals that work to fill a void in cancer prevention, treatment and recovery. We as coaches come from various backgrounds including doctors, nurses, psychologists and nutritionists. My background is in nutrition.

Many Cancer Coaches, myself included, have been through cancer and can therefore identify with the emotions of a diagnosis

Here are a few key areas that, as a Cancer Coach, I can impact your care:
• Help you to move past the shock of cancer of a diagnosis
• Help you to prepare for and minimize the side-effects of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy
• Help you to understand the role of complementary medicine in cancer care
• Help you to understand and implement important nutrition and nutritional therapies in treating and preventing cancer
• Work with you to implement important lifestyle changes to support your cancer protocols
• Help you to understand the role that stress can have on your immune system and work with you on strategies to minimize stressors in your life

I firmly believe that a comprehensive cancer protocol must include a strong nutritional and lifestyle component
I want to be a part of the new direction of cancer care; one that considers the whole person and the whole disease. I believe in hope. I believe that inner strength is limitless and I believe that both are fostered by knowledge and empowerment

Functional Nutrition

The importance of high quality nutrition cannot be overstated in the fight against cancer. Cancer patients who have high nutritional status are more likely to fight off infections, recover from illness quicker, and are better able to tolerate treatments and manage side effects. With inadequate nutritional intake, many will be challenged with low energy, slower recovery time, and depressed mood.

Often overlooked, but attended to at Dhaya, is attention to key Lifestyle components such as stress management, environmental health, proper sleep and exercise.

Overall our individualized Nutrition & Lifestyle plans will strengthen patients for allopathic care and enable their body to obtain optimal benefit from botanical protocols.

Developed by Cathy Biase, our Nutritionist & Cancer Coach
Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery
Natural Strategies for Preparation & Dealing with Side Effects of Cancer Treatments
is a free ebook offering natural approaches to help mitigate common side effects of cancer treatment.
Use this link to download your copy

Functional Genomics Testing for Integrative Cancer Care

Functional Genomic Testing is relevant for cancer prevention as well as for patients with active cancer. Functional Genomic Testing gives an individual insight in to key areas such as detoxification, methylation, effective diet, appropriate exercise as well mental health, an area of cancer care that is underserviced.

For example the mood and behaviour genes give insight in to how long one may hold onto stress and/or a predisposition to low mood. For a cancer patient it is very important to understand this moving from diagnosis through the treatment process.

From a cancer prevention vantage, the impact of stress and stress management is well researched in the area of chronic disease. The goal of Functional Genomic Testing is to give you an understanding of your genes and to help you and your practitioner set a path to achieve optimal health.

The Hormone Pulse provides an in depth understanding of the gene pathways that manage the hormone lifecyle. Learn how your unique production, metabolism, and excretion of hormones can impact your health and lifestyle, including your risk for complications from hormonal imbalance. 

The Genome Pulse provides insight into the impact of genes on several critical cellular system pathways, including executive function, cardiovascular health, methylation, detoxification, and diet & metabolism. Learn how your genes influence the way you think, eat, and respond to inflammation.

Now Available - Functional Genomics Testing - listen HERE for podcast with our nutritionist Cathy Biase and developer Dr. Mansoor Mohammed.

Visit Dr. Mansoor’s website here for more information

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda has much to contribute to cancer care. It is the forerunner of true personalized medicine and holds the secret of true health being in the balance of the microcosmic with the macrocosmic. Ayurveda can guide you in understanding who you truly are and how to live in harmony to facilitate healing. Ayurveda can support you in your healing journey through: detoxification, rebalancing & metabolic strengthening protocols, mind-body-spirit counselling, lifestyle, diet & herbal recommendations, as well as powerful body work treatments as needed. If you are facing a cancer diagnosis, Dr. Meera Pandompatam would be honoured to support you with Ayurvedic wisdom combined with a vast background in western medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Using the main branches of Chinese medicine- Chinese herbs, acupuncture, qi gong, tai chi, and Reiki- we can restore balance within your body. We may also use acupuncture, whose benefits have been validated by a National Institute of Health consensus panel. Acupuncture can be used to boost your immune system, manage pain and improve one’s overall quality of life. Studies conducted on the effects of acupuncture prove its effectiveness at relieving numerous symptoms that one may face during the diagnosis or during conventional treatments, including: dry mouth, weight loss, neuropathy, sleep, poor appetite, night sweats, hot flashes, anxiety, depression, dizziness, and extreme fatigue in cancer patients.