Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurveda, translated as the wisdom of life, is a 5000 year old complete system of healing and holistic health care originating from India, practiced all over the world today. Ayurvedic healing is personalized medicine and works on the epigenetic level as well as the quantum level of the human system. Tailored to your unique constitution, through the use of herbal medicine, body-mind-spirit counselling, panchakarma based detoxification and rebalancing protocols, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations, and Ayurvedic medicinal therapies; prevention, healing, and true blissfulness is possible.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr. Meera Pandompatam focuses on supportive cancer care, mental health, family practice and chronic conditions using the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda with a modern medical lens. Initial consults are 1.5 hours and follow up consults are 1 hour. During an initial consultation, a holistic personalized treatment plan will be created for you.

The following Ayurvedic medicinal therapies may be accessed only after having an initial consultation, and under the recommendation of the Ayurvedic practitioner:

SHIRODHARA - Continuous herbal oil flowing treatment on forehead & 3rd eye: deep healing working on chakras, energetic pathways, as well as mental, emotional and physical aspects

ABHYANGA - Full body healing herbal oil massage including Marma/Vital energy points

MARMA REBALANCING - Rebalancing of vital energy points

KATU BASATI - Healing spinal treatment with herbal oil

JANU BASTI - Healing knee treatment with herbal oil

HRIDAYA BASTI - Healing of the emotional heart treatment with herbal oil

NASYA - Facial massage, steam & herbal oil treatment in the nostrils for mental health conditions, sinus conditions, headaches, allergies and more

POULTICE MASSAGE - Massage with customized dry herbs in muslin cloth wrapped pouches, heated and applied to the body for pain, inflammation, and congestion