Functional Genomics Testing

Functional Genomics Biology Assessment and Personalized Health Solutions based on your DNA


  • Chronic diseases (such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes) account for 8 out of the top 10 causes of death in Canada.
  • According to the Canadian Community Health Survey conducted in 2014, an estimated 15 million Canadians suffer from at least one of the four major chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes).
  • The current industry standard of treating chronic disease places a greater emphasis on symptoms and simple biomarkers like cholesterol numbers, as opposed to determining the root cause of the disease and its factors.
  • chronic disease, and give you the TOOLS to act and PREVENT the onset of chronic disease by optimizing your diet, nutrition, and lifestyle.

The DNA Company’s Genomic test panels provides personalized health solutions through a clinically validated understanding of their DNA, known as the Functional Genomics Biology Assessment. Through this testing program, we can help determine the genetic factors that can answer the following questions you may have:

  • What’s my innate risk of cardiovascular disease?
  • How can I deal with mental health issues like a poor stress response, anxiety, addiction, or depression?
  • Why do I continuously feel like I have low energy, fatigue, or migraines?
  • What’s my innate risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?
  • Why do I struggle with Hormonal imbalances, PCOS, estrogen related disorders, weight gain, or physical and sexual performance?
  • Am I at a greater risk of developing breast cancer?
  • Which diet plan is the best for me?

We provide clinical consults to help you understand what your body needs, and help create personalized diet, lifestyle, and nutrition solutions that work uniquely for you.

We also provide a host of nutrients services, including a clinician- monitored, personalized and customized supplement program based on your unique genomic assessment and symptomology, as well as a selection of our systems-based support nutrients inspired by DNA.

Functional Genomics Testing for Integrative Cancer Care

Functional Genomic Testing is relevant for cancer prevention as well as for patients with active cancer. Functional Genomic Testing gives an individual insight in to key areas such as detoxification, methylation, effective diet, appropriate exercise as well mental health, an area of cancer care that is underserviced.

For example the mood and behaviour genes give insight in to how long one may hold onto stress and/or a predisposition to low mood. For a cancer patient it is very important to understand this moving from diagnosis through the treatment process.

From a cancer prevention vantage, the impact of stress and stress management is well researched in the area of chronic disease. The goal of Functional Genomic Testing is to give you an understanding of your genes and to help you and your practitioner set a path to achieve optimal health.

The Hormone Pulse provides an in depth understanding of the gene pathways that manage the hormone lifecyle. Learn how your unique production, metabolism, and excretion of hormones can impact your health and lifestyle, including your risk for complications from hormonal imbalance. 

The Genome Pulse provides insight into the impact of genes on several critical cellular system pathways, including executive function, cardiovascular health, methylation, detoxification, and diet & metabolism. Learn how your genes influence the way you think, eat, and respond to inflammation.